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Q and A

What is the Northeast Titan Quarter Midget Series?

The Northeast Titan Series is a non-profit created in 2018, sanctioned by USAC.25 Nascar Youth Series. The series consists of 7 quarter midget tracks in 4 different states- Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. We are proud to have the following tracks as part of the series- Garden State, Honey Brook Speedway, Little T Speedway, Oaklane Quarter Midget Speedway, Oswego County Quarter Midget Club, Silver City QMA and Syracuse Quarter Midget Club.  .  Kids ages 5-16 have the opportunity to spend the weekend with family and friends learning valuable life sessions while racing.

How many races do you have throughout the year?

We have 7 race events throughout the year- one event per track, racing Saturday (Honda Day) and Sunday (Briggs Day) of the event.  In addition we have optional practice Friday evening.  

What is your racing format?

All drivers entered to race may practice Friday night.  There is practice Saturday and Sunday morning for any cars registered to race that day. Saturday is Honda day and Sunday is Briggs day (JR 160 will race on Sunday).  Rookies can race both Saturday and Sunday. See pre-registration form for more details.   We use heat race passing points to determine main event line ups. After main events and tech we have an awards presentation for all A Main racers.


How much does it cost to race?

Preregistration is open until the Tuesday before each event at a discounted, nonrefundable cost of $45 per car.  You may register Friday night for $55 a car.   Sign in's are available on race day- no registration.  Rookies ONLY may late register for Sunday but you will start at the back of the heat race and not receive passing points.

How do you determine passing points and lines ups?

Heat race starting position is determined by automatic pill draw.  For transparency, the automatic draw takes place Friday night with the Tower Liaison, Titan President and Home Track representative in attendance.  Passing points from heats determine lower and A Main's.  See section 203 for more details

2023 USAC .25 Rulebook (

How do you determine points?

Our series calculates points after each race.  At end of the year we crown a champion in each division based on the best 5 out of 7 events.  You will need to compete in a minimum of 5 events to receive an award at our end of the year banquet which is NOT to be missed.  We even have a Red and Blue Rookie of the Year along with gifts for the drivers.  In 2023 the National race at Watkins Glen can count towards points, but is not required. 

Do I need to be a USAC member?

You need to be a USAC member to race the series but guests are welcome with a one race membership through USAC.  

Do I need to be a Titan member?

New for 2023 a Titan membership is required.  A link can be found on our website and on the confirmation page when preregistering.  This membership is FREE!

My child is a rookie, what do I need to know?

We are very lucky to have a Rookie director, Tiffany Smith!  In addition to our Titan Team, she is available to drivers at their families at any time. to answer your questions.  Rookies may race Saturday, Sunday or both days.  Each day requires you to register and pay in advance.  Late registration are accepted but you will start last in the heat and not receive passing points.  Rookies may not use a ratchet or an open hub. Don't forget to check out our Rookie Rewards Program!

Can anyone go in staging, the hot chute and on the track?

No.  We will be verifying Nascar Youth Series Memberships of all individuals.  A wrist band will be given to those allowed access.  This is for everyone's safety. 

How do I know what is going on when I am at the track?

The easiest way is to join telegram- 

At the track we will have a driver meeting each race day too. You will also be given a schedule at check in with weekend details. If all else fails, ask anyone wearing a Titan shirt. We are proud to have amazing families who support the series and have no doubt anyone is willing to help.

How do I find out more?  

Race day details can be found on our website and Facebook event page.  We try our best to be sure all up to date information is on there- gas station, raceceiver frequency, race order, etc.  Please never hesitate to send us a message.

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